On behalf of our Clients, Romão-Santos Architects works diligently in a creative and common sense manner to produce projects that are well crafted, technically sound, practical and budget conscious while also being sensitive to their surroundings, socially and environmentally responsible, and aesthetically fulfilling.

To achieve this, we work in close cooperation with our Clients to insure that all their concerns and requirements are addressed. We thoroughly review code requirements with Building Officials and

engage experienced Engineering Consultants to integrate the most adequate technology into the project.  Furthermore, we pay close attention to detail, be it legal, contextual, aesthetic, functional or technical.

Romão-Santos Architects believes in making a difference and contributing to our community.

Over the years, we have volunteered our time and skills in numerous community oriented activities and organizations. This kind of civic accountability is a spirit we are faithful to and intend to continue into the future.

Whether working in traditional or contemporary styles, large or small projects, in the private or public sectors, Romão-Santos Architects is committed to pursuing the symmetry between poetry, aesthetics, technology and function that leads to solutions of excellence for our Clients.